Operational Support for Schools

Best practices aren’t built overnight — they require experience.

Bogged down in the details?
Cyanna Can Help

It takes expertise to run a school — and manpower is at a premium.

Schools are made up of many different departments, all of which must work together to accomplish the mission of the institution. In most schools, faculty & staff are already wearing many different hats and need additional support to accomplish the initiatives that will take their school to the next level. Cyanna® has a team of higher education experts ready to support your school with curriculum design, training & professional development, software, student funding resources, day-to-day operations and best practices.

Campus Operations: Proven experience & proven results

Marketing, Admissions, Academic Affairs, Financial Aid, Compliance and Career Services: the performance of every department determines whether your school can serve its mission, its students, and its stakeholders. One weak department can have negative outcomes for the bottom line, and often it takes an outside perspective to identify the challenges and produce solutions. Best practices in education aren’t built overnight-- they require years of experience from people who have lived and breathed day-to-day operations on campus.

Cyanna®’s team of consultants includes Campus Presidents, Academic Deans, Directors of Admissions, Department Chairs, Education Directors, Faculty and more. We’ve been in your shoes and know how to drive better operations for better results.

Cyanna Operational Support:

  • Branding & Marketing Galvanize your organization’s brand and refresh your marketing plan with the expertise of Cyanna. From mission statements to lead generation, we know how to best present your institution to the right target audience.
  • Admissions Processes & EDlumina Our team has decades of admissions experience in higher education and vocational training, as well as the software to improve your team's enrollment productivity.
  • Curriculum Development & Enhancement Our course designers regularly help refine existing courses or build curriculum from scratch for secondary, postsecondary and professional development educators. We’re also equipped to provide online educational solutions and to utilize technology to make courses engaging.
  • Student Outcomes From graduation and completion rates, to certification and testing outcomes, job placement and even default cohort rates, Cyanna can help ensure your students are achieving in and out of the classroom. We also help ensure that reporting processes are in place to ensure compliance.
  • Compliance From state licensure to programmatic & institutional accreditation, Cyanna has the team & expertise to make sure you are meeting and exceeding the benchmarks of all your regulatory and governing bodies.
  • Organizational Development & Leadership Great schools require great leadership and organization. Whether it’s helping to develop your leadership team or create policies and procedures to maximize institutional efficiencies, Cyanna has you covered.

Student Funding Resources

Title IV student loans, grants, scholarships, workforce dollars, GI Bill, SEVIS and private lenders all help provide the funding needed for students to achieve their goals in higher education. Cyanna® can help ensure that your school is positioned to take advantage of all of these financing opportunities through strategic program & curriculum design, licensure and accreditation.

We also have a network of financial institutions that offer student lending options, Title IV processing, and other critical functions to help your Student Financing department operate in compliance while achieving their financial goals.

Sales & Acquisitions

Cyanna® can help facilitate the purchasing or selling of an existing educational institution, as well as assist with the various ancillary processes that surround such transactions.

"Cyanna Education Services is a valued and trusted partner of Hondros College of Business. The team at Cyanna are knowledgeable, experienced school professionals that understand how to drive the best outcomes for our students as well as all compliance and accreditation matters. They have done a great job for our school and we look forward to working with them in the future." - Carol Thomas, Hondros College of Business