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We are focused on building and improving education and training providers. From institutions of higher education, to career schools and corporations, whether a new vision or already established, Cyanna can help you achieve your goals.

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Education Technology Solutions

Now more than ever it is critical to have the right software solution in place to manage your school, your students, your classes, and all your critical data. EDlumina provides a user-friendly, time-efficient solution that helps you stay compliant and gives you a competitive advantage in your market.

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Educational Compliance

Regardless of your location or school type, there are regulations that must be followed. From state boards, to accreditors, to the Department of Education, the rules can be complicated and can even be conflicting. Fortunately, we’re experts in establishing compliant school operations.

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Curriculum Development

We create instructional materials for any course of study, and can do so completely from scratch or from previously assembled materials. We also leverage the latest in VR and AR Technology to create immersive learning experiences.

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Software Solutions

The EDlumina platform enables schools and institutions to manage, track, and engage students from enrollment to graduation in an easy to use online environment. Process admissions, student progress, and sell and distribute immersive courses to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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Licensure & Accreditation

No matter where you are operating within the US, and whether your institution is vocational, degree-granting, K-12, on-ground, online, or a combination, there are regulations to follow. From state education and professional boards, to institutional and programmatic accreditors, to the Department of Education and SEVIS, it can get complicated quickly. Approvals do not just need to be obtained--they need to be maintained. Cyanna can help your institution establish a culture of compliance to achieve long-term success.

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Who We Are

Cyanna’s organization is built on experience.

Cyanna’s organization is
Built on Experience

Cyanna Education Services was founded in 2008 with the goal of uniting compliance and technology for the education sector, and today supports institutions of higher education, postsecondary schools and corporations to achieve their goals. From online education, instructional media and technology, to state licensure, accreditation and operational consulting-- Cyanna provides an array of education services to clients around the globe. Cyanna’s online education platform, EDlumina, equips schools with the ability to provide a high-quality education experience from enrollment to graduation.

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