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Online Education

Implementing an online education platform at your school can be stressful-- especially if you need to move from on-campus to online FAST-- and Cyanna is here to help.

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State Licensing

Cyanna® can guide you from the very beginning of the school licensing process in any state, and for any level of education from certificate programs to Masters degrees. Whether your school is vocational, private degree-granting, K-12, on-ground or online, Cyanna® helps facilitate state licensing by the appropriate regulator.

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Cyanna® has established relationships with national, regional, and programmatic accrediting agencies, and has supported clients to successful accreditation in all areas. While accreditation is a complex project, Cyanna® has experienced staff on hand to keep the process focused, on schedule, and most importantly, compliant.

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Marketing, Admissions, Academic Affairs, Compliance and Career Services: the performance of every department determines whether your school can serve its mission, its students, and its stakeholders.

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What you teach — and how you teach it — is arguably the most important feature of your school. At Cyanna® we create instructional materials for any program of study and carefully consider how students learn best to put students, teachers, and the school in a position for success.

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Now more than ever it is critical to have the right software solution in place to manage your school, your students, your classes, and all your critical data. EDlumina provides a user-friendly, time-efficient solution that helps you stay compliant and gives you a competitive advantage in your market.

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Different Programs

Experience in a wide array of educational programming


Operating States

No matter where you are operating in the US each state has requirements, Cyanna® can guide you from the very beginning.


Different Institutions

Vocational, private degree granting, K-12, corporate, on-ground or online.


Full-service online education platform.

Cyanna developed The EDlumina line of educational software solutions to provide schools and institutions with a full-service online education platform. From anywhere in the world and on any smart device, you can manage and engage your students from enrollment to graduation-- and every step in between.

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Who We Are

Cyanna’s organization is built on experience.

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What our clients are saying

"Cyanna Education Services is an Associate Member and valued partner of the Ohio-Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools (OMACCS), and has provided excellence in all of our collaborations! Chris Eckels and his team have been instrumental in our online training, website design, technical support, legislation, career college research, and facilitation of presentations at the OMACCS' events, to name a few. On behalf of OMACCS and our members, we value and appreciate Cyanna's ongoing partnership and we look forward to our continued collaborations and success!
- Kent Trofholz, OMACCS