The 5 Stages of Our Curriculum Development Process

Not just for higher ed, though we do that too

Since our founding over 13 years ago, we’ve served the education and training sectors in terms of aligning with state compliance requirements, providing software solutions for online and on-ground schools, organizations and regulators, operations consulting as well as curriculum development for a wide range of industries and purposes.

By many, we’re known for our ties to the private postsecondary education sector, so some are surprised to learn that we frequently develop both online and in-person courses for a variety of industries and most any program of study, including regularly for corporate trainings and professional development.

Curriculum Development Process: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Launch

Regardless of the particular course development needs you or your school or organization may have, our curriculum creation process is typically done in 5 distinct stages:

  • Analyze & Research - Working along with the client, this step involves the collection of key data points that will help establish the course goals or objectives. That is, the value-prop that will be conveyed to the student.
  • Design - In this step a roadmap of planned strategies is developed that are targeted to the learning outcomes. Learning objectives, lesson planning, course content, assessment tools will be created, leading to an early prototype of your curriculum.
  • Development - Working with the content assets identified in the Design phase, this involves the creation of video lessons, student assessments and activities, and providing a prototype version of your curriculum.
  • Implementation - You might also call this step the Dress Rehearsal, as it concentrates on the readiness of the course instructors and learners largely through a pilot used to test the viability of the courses. Particular attention is placed on ensuring that the necessary tools and reading materials are secured, and the content is implemented into our learning management system.
  • Evaluation & Launching - This actually takes place throughout the entire process, but once the first four stages are complete, final evaluations and revisions will be made.

The most common question from here is, “so how long does all of this take?” And the easiest answer is usually, “it depends.” It depends on the amount of input and involvement by your school or organization, the licensure or accreditation requirements that may be in place for your institution, the final delivery model, and many other considerations.

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