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EDlumina Catalog

Whether you're looking to sell courses to an open audience or run a corporate training program for your employees, EDlumina's Catalog makes it happen at the click of a button.

EDlumina Catalog: Course Development, Implementation, Website API, Student Recruitment


Catalog is a software program that allows you to distribute courses and training programs to an audience of your choosing online. Whether you’re looking to distribute corporate training to work-from-home employees or to sell your existing professional development and continuing education courses to an as-yet untapped market, Catalog allows for that at the click of a button. Catalog can be set up to be accessed directly from your existing website, and students can purchase and begin courses at their leisure.











EDlumina Catalog

Starting your EDlumina Catalog means being able to sell and distribute your educational courses to a wider audience at the click of a button. Perfect for schools or corporate trainers in need of online training and educational options.

Distribute Employee Training Programs from Your Corporate Website

  • Work with Cyanna, to develop curriculum and/or training programs or help evaluate your existing courses
  • Set up distribution of your courses from a website of your choosing
  • Set deadlines and keep tabs on employee completion rates with automated alerts
  • Keep employees informed by using in app announcements and message inbox for important events and dates
  • Empower your staff with knowledge and improved skill sets, which is often a challenge especially when staff is remote and spread out
  • Gate the work (require completion before moving on) that is most important so you know employees are focusing on the most critical content

Sell Your Courses & Collect Payments Online

  • Sell your online courses from your website while collecting payments instantly
  • Improve the speed and convenience at which your audience can access courses online
  • Open a previously untapped revenue stream while broadening your reach
  • Catalog can work well in conjunction with EDlumina Immersive, which allows organizations and schools to take their course catalog a step farther, in the form of Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.

EDlumina Catalog drives our Career Connect program, offering asynchronous IT training to colleges and universities across the US

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