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Achieve state licensing in any state in the US.

State licensure can be tricky, as each state has specific requirements for licensing of schools. Cyanna's here to guide you through the licensing process in any state.


No matter where you are operating in the US, each state has specific compliance requirements for the licensing and regulation of schools.

Cyanna can guide you from the very beginning of the school licensing process in any state, and for any level of education from certificate programs to Masters degrees. Whether your school is vocational, private degree-granting, K-12, on-ground or online, Cyanna helps facilitate state-licensing by the appropriate regulator. We also assist with the development of policies and procedures, regulatory documents, curriculum, and responses to all deficiency and compliance issues. We can even provide tips for creating a plan to maintain year round compliance.

"I have been working with Cyanna Education Services since 2015 when my healthcare company made the decision to apply for state licensure of a training program in Intraoperative Neuromonitoring. My experience with Jennifer Lamkin was second to none. She is not only knowledgable about all facets of licensure and state rules/regulations, but is also one of the most hard-working, conscientious, responsive vendors I have worked with in my almost 30-year career. I highly recommend the Cyanna team." - Maria Saraceno Ward, Director of The Center for Electroneurodiagnostics

State Licensing Services:

  • State approvals for schools and programs that are career and vocational, degree granting private post secondary institutions, online, and K-12
  • Establishing operations for long term success, including development of educational policies, catalogs, handbooks, planning documents, and more
  • Development of standard operating procedure manuals
  • Review of curriculum for regulatory approval
  • Implementation of student information systems to maintain accurate student records
  • Preparation for and response to regulator on-site visits and audits
  • Assistance with all deficiency and compliance issues

State Compliance Services:

  • Creation of compliance calendars to keep your school on track
  • Research and guidance on regulatory requirements for private post secondary institutions and programs
  • Impact of substantive changes on regulatory compliance
  • Review and revision of educational policies, catalogs, handbooks, planning documents, and more
  • Development of standard operating procedure manuals
  • Coordination and completion of all government, regulatory, compliance and accreditation documents

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