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Let Cyanna help ensure your organization is on the right side of the regulations

Cyanna works with career & vocational schools, Higher Education institutions, professional development organizations, corporate education entities, ESL institutions, and K-12 schools, including organizations based in the US and international organizations looking to establish operations in the US. Whether you’re long-established, or just starting out, we provide consultation to help navigate the potential pitfalls of educational regulations.

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State Licensure

Achieve state licensing anywhere in the US.

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Find the right fit and the right team to simplify the complex process

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Start A School

From concept to graduation & every step of the way

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New School Just Starting Out?

Cyanna can determine if your school:

  • Qualifies for exemption from licensing
  • Requires licensing from the state post-secondary or higher education board
  • Requires licensing from a different state board, like the cosmetology board
  • Requires licensing from multiple boards within a state, such as the postsecondary education board and board of nursing
  • Requires licensing by state post-secondary or higher education boards in multiple states, in the case of offering online and/or hybrid programs

Once the scope of requirements is determined, Cyanna guides the process of obtaining all required approvals for the school, staff, faculty, curriculum, and more.

Already licensed and ready for the next steps?

Cyanna helps institutions identify which accrediting body is right for your school, and has established relationships with national, regional and programmatic accrediting agencies. We’ve worked on hundreds of accreditation projects and can help with:

  • Institutional & Programmatic Accreditation and Reaccreditation
  • Title IV Program participation
  • SEVIS Approval

Let us know your goals and Cyanna can review your institution’s eligibility, identify the best path forward, and create a plan to turn your vision into a reality.

Thinking even bigger?

Cyanna can help your institution adapt and expand, as we’ve done many times in the past by assisting with:

  • Moving from certificate to degree granting
  • Adding distance learning programs
  • Adding branch campuses and/or opening new locations
  • School acquisition and change of ownership filings

Cyanna’s consultants have all worked in schools and understand the desire to grow. We can help you do just that, while staying in compliance!

Find yourself on the wrong side of regulations?

Maintaining educational compliance is a complex task, and oftentimes institutions can miss steps necessary to staying up and running. Fortunately, we have extensive experience navigating that rocky terrain. Cyanna has assisted schools with:

  • Compliance audits
  • Deferral responses
  • Showing Cause and Probation reporting & responses
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures & Compliance Calendars

As long as your organization is committed to operating within the regulations, Cyanna can help establish policies and procedures to get to compliance and collect the documentation to prove it.

"Cyanna Education Services is a valued and trusted partner of Hondros College of Business. The team at Cyanna are knowledgeable, experienced school professionals that understand how to drive the best outcomes for our students as well as all compliance and accreditation matters. They have done a great job for our school and we look forward to working with them in the future." - Carol Thomas, Hondros College of Business

Jen Lamkin

Vice President of Licensing & Accreditation

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While each institution’s path varies based on the location, scope of offerings, and long-term goals, a typical timeline includes the following targets:


6-12 Months




18-24 Months

Title IV

6-9 Months


6-12 Months

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