Four Ways to Grow Your School

Tips on how to make that happen.

Update Your Admissions Process

Whether your school is on-ground, online, or a hybrid combination of both, having a solid enrollment process and admissions CRM platform is critical to your organization’s success. Optimizing your admissions staff and procedures can be made easier via an online solution that provides centralized document storage, automated messaging, and robust reporting. Cyanna’s EDlumina Admissions platform offers these features and so much more, allowing schools of all shapes and sizes to better understand how to engage with prospective leads, increase student enrollments, and track all documents and signatures in one place for compliance and reporting.

Additionally, investing in your admissions staff and their processes for enrolling students is a paramount way to grow your school. Cyanna offers comprehensive admissions solutions for improving conversion rates, maximizing your admissions staff performance, and implementing admissions best practices, and maximizing the ROI on your marketing dollars and revenue. This can be accomplished via admissions staff development, and admissions effectiveness assessments.

Update Your Marketing Efforts

Your Admissions staff cannot succeed without a steady flow of prospective students, whether to your school’s website, call center, or social media profiles. Schools benefit most by partnering with an agency that has experience in delivering content for higher education and vocational training organizations. Our sister company and marketing agency of choice, Scholar House Media, helps schools to elevate their website, improve Google Ads and PPC campaigns, create engaging social media content, and drive new students to targeted landing pages that connect with your admissions team-- all while maximizing the return on your marketing dollars.

Serve A New Population

Expanding your program offerings or delivery methods can help your school to reach new students. Developing curriculum for a new program of study can be a time-consuming process, but Cyanna has the experienced team in place to carry the load for you. Simply put, a new program of study can attract a new population of students that normally would not have considered your school for enrollment. Similarly, implementing an online or hybrid delivery method for your curriculum can expand your student population past the traditional confines of geographic location. Online classes can attract a student population that values flexibility in their busy schedules, especially adult learners. Finally and most importantly, Cyanna can even help you register your new program or delivery method with your regulators before offering it, ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Get Licensed & Accredited

Students do their homework– before they enroll, they will research your school alongside the other schools they are considering before making a final decision. One important factor in their decision is whether or not your school is properly licensed and accredited. Students care about the perceived value of attending a school that is compliant and recognized by industry regulators, and consequently, whether or not their credits will transfer to their next destination, or if their credential earned (certificate, diploma or degree) is recognized by their industry. Cyanna provides comprehensive compliance consulting services to schools of all makes & models, no matter where you are in your operations.

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