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On The Cyanna Podcast you will learn how Cyanna is focused on building and improving education and training providers, while picking up a number of best practices along the way. Join our hosts as they sit down with the talented team at Cyanna and other professionals from around the world of education development. We talk to education experts about topics that affect all stakeholders in education and training: edtech, curriculum, admissions, operations and compliance.

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Meet Our Hosts

The Cyanna Podcast is hosted by Scott Shelton, Creative Director at Scholar House Media, and Danny Ortiz, Global Director of Business Development at Cyanna Education Services. This tag team has the experience needed to discuss everything from technology and education, to college admissions, compliance and curriculum development.

Scott Shelton

As a two-time graduate of Ohio State University’s Art & Technology program, Scott Shelton spent over 18 years in higher education and vocational training as an Instructor, Department Chair, Director of Education, and Campus Director. He has taught over 30 different college courses, working in schools focused on broadcasting, IT and technical training, cosmetology, nursing, computer graphics and the Arts. After two years as a Consultant & Education Media Manager at Cyanna, today Scott leads Scholar House Media as Creative Director– a sister company of Cyanna and the production house for this very podcast.

Danny Ortiz

Danny Ortiz a public speaker and businessman who is passionate about helping individuals grow holistically through education, experiences and empowerment. As an investor, pastor and author, Danny serves as Executive Director at The Wave, partner at TwentyTwo, Global Business Development Director at Monte Christopher Holdings & Cyanna Education Services, co-host of The Wave podcast, co-host of It's Bigger Than Business podcast, and co-author of The Surrendered Will. As a Bronx native, his goal is to serve everyone he meets to fulfill their purpose and unlock their full potential.

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