EDlumina’s Discovery Learning Platform - DLP

Learning Software that Drives Discovery, Engagement, and Retention

Conceived and built with the student experience in mind, the DLP is the ultimate solution for educational institutions, businesses and organizations who prioritize personalized learning and immersive content delivery that is engaging.

What is EDlumina's
Discovery Learning Platform

DLP is more than just a Learning Management System (“LMS”). Explore how it empowers learners, promotes intellectual diversity, and offers personalized, immersive learning experiences for students across any program of study, vocation, or area of the world.









The DLP Advantage

  • User Experience DLP redefines the user experience by integrating the Admissions process (CRM), the Student Information System (SIS), and the online or hybrid Learning Management System (LMS), encompassing the entire student life cycle. From lead to alumni, DLP ensures a seamless and collaborative journey for students and staff alike.
  • Engagement DLP gamifies content, promoting interactivity and custom learning pathways. Students can interact with content in their preferred learning method, creating an engaging and dynamic learning experience.
  • Immersion DLP prioritizes immersion with AR and VR tools, allowing students to interact with digital objects and enhancing content retention. Implement cutting-edge XR technology without the overhead of additional development or budget.
  • Customization DLP’s “Freehand Mode” empowers learners to add personal, handwritten notes or sketches as references to content, fostering creativity and enhancing understanding of discussion topics.
  • Data Analytics DLP tracks student performance in a secure cloud environment, offering progress tracking and efficacy analysis. Instructors and administrators can identify pain points and improve content for better learning outcomes.

Familiar Tools & More

EDlumina’s DLP includes all the tools you love from traditional learning management systems, including text and multimedia content, quizzes, discussion boards, and more. Plus, it offers exciting new features such as XR for an enhanced learning experience.

The Journey to DLP

The EDlumina story began as an admissions platform developed specifically for the education sector. As it unfolded, Cyanna expanded the offerings to include a student information system (SIS), an online purchase and self-enrollment system (Catalog), as well as LMS & XR integrations – transforming into the comprehensive platform it is today. The final piece of this transformation was to establish an independent platform for student learning and content discovery, reducing dependence on older technologies. Following extensive efforts from our dedicated team, EDlumina is thrilled to announce this new Discovery Learning Platform, which will redefine the way students engage with courses.

Experience the power of innovative educational technology, versatility, and data-driven decision-making with DLP. Join us in shaping a brighter, smarter future of learning! Contact us today to book a personalized demonstration and embark on this transformative journey.

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