How to Start a School in the US

We help international clients open US-based schools

Opening a school in the United States can be difficult for non-US residents, but Cyanna can walk you through the process from concept to enrollment and graduation; because we have successfully done exactly that in the past.

Start a School in the United States

The United States continues to be the leader in education around the globe. Many international educators will find that opening a school in the United States gives prospective students an added layer of trust and validation, but it can be a complicated process, with multiple regulations that need to be followed. Cyanna has the knowledge and experience to help navigate the process. We are at the forefront of recent advancements in online education that allow international clients to provide high-quality, US-based educational courses from anywhere in the world.

Those interested in opening a new school in the US will need to focus on the following areas, for which Cyanna will provide guidance and solutions:

  • State Licensing: Based on your school’s particular needs and goals, Cyanna will recommend the best jurisdiction in which to establish your school and then walk you through the process of establishing a business entity in your state of choice, and obtaining a physical address all with the end goal of achieving a state license which will allow your school to begin recruiting students, providing courses, and awarding degrees.
  • Curriculum Development: Different degree programs are subject to different requirements and standards, including unique requirements in terms of credit hours, number of courses, course types and student-teacher interactions. Master’s degree programs, for example, are shorter in nature, do not require general education courses, and typically receive a higher level of commitment from students. But, regardless of the type of school you’re looking to open and the program of study you’re planning on offering, Cyanna can build curriculum from scratch or help refine your current offering.
  • Operations Management: Cyanna has its roots in regulatory compliance and organizational management. We use our expertise to ensure that new institutions are compliant with regulations and organized efficiently and effectively. Cyanna guides new institutions to operational success by assisting with the creation of key documents, including budgeting, goals, policies, and procedures. That way, you are poised for immediate success and are set up for long-term growth.
  • Accreditation: In the US, there is limited value to a degree that is not accredited. In fact, most state regulatory agencies require that new institutions obtain accreditation in order to maintain their license. Accreditation is a form of consumer protection in that accredited degrees are much easier to transfer to other schools and are seen as vastly more valuable from employers’ perspectives. Needless to say, achieving accreditation is critical. Cyanna has worked on hundreds of accreditation projects over the years and in doing so has established relationships with regional and national accreditation agencies. We will walk you through the accreditation process from beginning to end, outlining the steps required and likely timelines for completion.
  • Technology: Cyanna has built EDlumina school software specifically for institutions of higher education that offer degrees, certificates, and other types of post-secondary or tertiary training. With EDlumina, you can effortlessly track all student activity from admissions to alumni. It also helps with operations management, as well as compliance. And if you’re delivering online classes, EDlumina integrates with most learning management systems. We can help customize EDlumina to the needs of your organization. Please contact the Cyanna team for more information!

Cyanna can partner with your institution to ensure a successful outcome. If you’re interested in getting the process of starting your own school in the United States underway, or just have questions about anything included above, please contact the contact the Cyanna team and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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