Curriculum Development

Cyanna creates what happens in the classroom.

No matter the material, and whether you need a course built from scratch or help refining existing lessons, Cyanna supports curriculum needs.

What you Teach
And How You teach It

Is arguably the most important feature of your school. Your students need training that is meaningful, effective, and high-quality while stakeholders, regulators and accreditors require proof you are meeting those standards of excellence. At Cyanna we create instructional materials and carefully consider how students learn best to put students, teachers, and the school in a position for success.

Course Development

No matter what program of study, we support your curriculum needs.

Cyanna® can build curriculum from scratch or help refine your current courses to make sure you’re delivering relevant coursework in a variety of methods. Our instructional designers create courses of study for both in-person and online training in secondary, postsecondary, and professional development sectors. Our reverse engineering process makes it easy for us to translate a set of credentials into a course, certificate, or degree program. We can define vocational competencies needed in a specific career, map those to learning objectives, and build curriculum accordingly. You can also license our ready-to-go certification trainings for our platform or yours, our faculty or yours, and tailor them to your brand and your students.

Video Production

High-quality video production for any educational field.

Cyanna®’s team of academic media specialists can script, shoot, & produce high-quality educational video for any educational field. The use of video content can not only benefit students, but also educators in offering an enhanced learning environment. We collaborate with faculty members, administrators, and subject-matter-experts to coordinate filming and production requirements.

The benefits of educational video include the convenience of viewing on any mobile device, increased student engagement and knowledge retention, and its ability to complement traditional educational materials in both online, on ground or hybrid learning environment.

Online Implementation

Educational content from anywhere in the world.

Break down those brick-and-mortar walls by offering access to educational opportunities no matter where your students are located. Often times, students want to fit their school experience into existing responsibilities-- by offering online programs, courses, or lessons, teachers can offer the chance for students to confidently juggle their work and family commitments with their educational goals.

Cyanna® offers full learning management system (LMS) services to create your online presence, allowing your students to learn anywhere, mimic computer-based, certification assessment environments, and access cloud-based videos, activities, and discussion learning opportunities. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution or just a simple online activity, our academic specialists will team up with you to deliver your learning experience online.

Professional Development

You educate your students — are you educating your staff?

Professional development is critical. Research shows that quality teaching and school leadership are the most important factors in improving student achievement and institutional outcomes. Teachers and school leaders that continually expand their knowledge and skills offer the best opportunities for students to succeed.

Cyanna® creates continuing education and training programs that can be offered on campus, online, or both, in a hybrid delivery method. We offer our clients an online learning portal where you can enroll, track progress, and earn certificates of completion to document your professional development training. We have hundreds of courses for faculty, staff and administrators, available in a variety of functional areas that qualify as continuing education credits and professional certification. Visit for more information.

Cyana has lead trainings and guest speaker events across the nation:

Curriculum Licensing

Ready-to-go curriculum in a wide array of subjects.

You can also license our ready-to-go certification training for our platform or yours, our faculty or yours, and tailor them to your brand and your students.

Cyanna offers curriculum in a number of different subject matter areas, including CompTIA certification prep, project management, cyber security (SSCP and CISSP), Microsoft Certified Solutions (MCSA), Android programming, Dental Assisting, CISCO, and much, much more.

XR Technology

Engaging content through emerging technology:

Cyanna®’s team of academic media specialists develop cutting-edge, immersive educational content through emerging technologies such as 360-degree video, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR).

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