Online Education

Get Your Classes Online Quickly!

We are online education experts.

Implementing an online education platform at your school can be stressful-- especially if you need to move from on-campus to online FAST-- and Cyanna is here to help.

Cyanna offers EDlumina, a full Learning Management System (LMS) platform to create your online presence, allowing your students to learn anywhere, access live & recorded lectures, engaging class activities, and interactive assessments. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution or just a simple online activity, our academic specialists will team up with you to deliver your learning experience online ASAP.

EDlumina, Cyanna’s online education platform, incorporates:

  • Live Video and Content Delivery
  • Digital Attendance Recording
  • Interactive Assessments
  • Multiple Methods for Student Engagement
  • Assurances of Compliance with State Regulators & Accreditors

Most importantly, we can get your classes online quickly and efficiently!