Navigating the Difficult
Process of Accreditation

Installer Institute

The Installer Institute is a school for car audio & mobile electronics installation located in Daytona Beach, Florida. Cyanna first began working with Installer Institute in 2014 when they approached us for help with initial accreditation. From the beginning of that process, we discovered them to be a high-quality institution. They are focused on excellent student outcomes, as seen through the thousands of students served as part of their mission to provide audio and electronics enthusiasts with the opportunity to become professionally trained installers, while also providing continuing education opportunities for individuals already in the field.

It’s Called Initial
Accreditation for a Reason

Our first task in helping Installer Institute achieve accreditation was to find the right accrediting agency. As Installer Institute offers both vocational training programs and continuing education courses, we sought an agency that would validate the quality of both types of offerings. ACCET was--and is--the perfect fit. Additionally, Installer Institute sought to open new sources of funding for their students through accreditation, including Title IV. Upon review of their programs of study, we found that they only had one program that would be long enough to qualify for Title IV funding as a short-term program. As a short-term program, it wouldn’t be eligible for Pell grants. Using our knowledge of Title IV program eligibility, we provided guidance as they developed the Comprehensive Installations program, a 900-hour, 26-week program (1 academic year), and supported the state licensure of the new program in the state of Florida. Then we started evaluating and updating institutional policies, procedures, and documents while Installer Institute began to enroll students and train students in the Comprehensive Installations program. Importantly, one major accreditation eligibility requirement for ACCET was having graduates from the longest available program.

Being able to support the development of an educational program that would maximize the benefits of accreditation, while also helping to navigate the pitfalls of the complicated accreditation process, positions Cyanna as a unique and valuable resource for servicing schools and vocational training institutions.

Achieving Reaccreditation

Having successfully helped Installer Institute achieve accreditation in 2016, we then assisted with their initial Title IV application and approval. Cyanna supported Installer Institute with its first request for reaccreditation in 2019, which was also successful. Most recently, we were excited to get the opportunity to help with their second reaccreditation process. In December 2022, Installer Institute received a 5-year grant of accreditation from ACCET--the longest grant possible from this accreditor. We are very proud to have helped them achieve this goal.

The partnership between Cyanna and Installer Institute is representative of the type of working relationships we establish with many of our clients. Throughout years of working together across varied areas of compliance and operations, including annual reporting, state licensing renewals, and audits, we have become a trusted, valued part of their continued success.

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