Cyanna Case Study:

Douglas J Aveda Institutes

Douglas J Aveda Institutes operates 6 different beauty school campuses across 3 different states, including 4 different programs of study and a centralized call center. After struggling to find an education-focused CRM that could meet the needs of their diverse Admissions team, they turned to Cyanna’s solution: EDlumina.

Our Client’s Issue

Douglas J Aveda Institutes previously carried out their Admissions process via a “big box” CRM software. In order to streamline their leads and new student enrollment operations, while reducing overhead costs, they turned to EDlumina Admissions an online CRM platform designed specifically for schools. The process of changing CRM platforms needed to be fast, efficient, and customizable, including porting over all the current leads in the old system, and ensuring online connectivity with all their web forms at

Our Solution

We partnered with Douglas J to engage in all details of their Admissions process. Not only did we ensure the secure data transition of all their previous new student leads, we also collaborated on strategy recommendations and best practices for their entire admissions operation. This included the implementation of automated messaging, both via text and email within EDlumina, so that new leads, cold leads, and every lead in between, remain engaged and in contact within the system.

Additionally, when operations changed within their call center, we worked to help update how leads entered EDlumina, as well as updates to their specific automation and steps. We also worked to ensure that UTM lead and vendor source codes are properly captured to ensure that ROI on marketing dollars can be properly monitored. As a result, the Douglas J Admissions team now has more time to focus on phone calls with hot leads and prospective students.

“From starting with the set up through the entire implementation process they were in all the details with us! Every person on their team from the account management team to the developers, they listened to every need we had and brought solutions to the table. I have implemented many systems in my career and this by far has been the smoothest transition I have experienced. Not only do you get an impressive system that is user friendly but you get a team that has amazing customer service and stellar communication – which cannot be beat!”

– Michelle Murad
VP of Marketing and Sales, Douglas J Companies

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