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On increasing student enrollment

How to Increase Student Enrollment with EDlumina

In a recent webinar, our team of experts walked the audience through ways in which schools can increase their student enrollment. The webinar is available to watch at any time, but if you don’t have the time for that, the main points can be found below.

1. Use an educational CRM to track leads:

While you might have Get Quote forms on your website to collect leads, managing them and keeping track of every lead can be a daunting task. A great way to solve this problem is to use a Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) so leads generated from website forms get automatically transferred to and organized within the CRM. Edlumina provides an easy-to-connect public API to flawlessly integrate your website regardless of the platform it is built on.

2. Use automated messaging:

Follow-ups on existing leads are one of the most effective ways to increase student enrollment. A critical element of converting leads into students is establishing the correct time of follow-up. If a lead is followed up too often, students can potentially start ignoring the messages sent by your admissions team. Miscommunication, particularly when managing a large number of follow-ups in a manual way, is common. An easy fix to this problem is using automated messaging. The Edlumina CRM allows you to send mass messages to different categories of students that are filtered based on your selected criteria. Follow-up messages can also be saved as templates and sent at the desired time so that your admissions team doesn't have to repeat the task. Edlumina can also send beautifully designed HTML messages which can include branding elements and are shown to increase student engagement.

3. Optimize your Landing Pages

Your website is your digital identity. And the landing pages that promote your school or courses of study are integral for establishing trust in your potential students. Web users tend to respond positively when desired information is presented in a visually pleasing, easy to understand way. Therefore, your website's content should educate and excite prospective students about the programs you offer so, at the very least, they can be enticed to seek additional information. It should also share past student experiences through testimonials and have a strategic call to action. Scholar House Media, a sister company of Cyanna, provides professional copywriting and marketing services that are done with the objective of generating and converting leads into sales.

4. Create a Digital Marketing Campaign

A CRM is essential for collecting and organizing student leads, but where do the leads come from? The number one way to increase student enrollment is to use a digital marketing campaign to generate web traffic. The traffic, as it travels through optimized web pages, can then be converted to leads. Once leads are generated through web contact forms, they should be linked to a CRM for the admissions team to manage. An excellent way to increase traffic is using paid advertising, social media campaigns, and having your website SEO optimized. Scholar House Media specializes in all of the above, and as a sister company of Cyanna, has deep ties to the education industry.

5. Use Analytics to better market services:

Knowing the demographics of your traffic and leads is just as important as generating them. Edlumina's data visualization dashboard gives you a complete picture of how your leads are performing. Additionally, using tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Adwords would help you understand the demographics of your traffic and your cost per click of digital ad campaigns so you can get the best ROI.

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