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Augmented Reality, known as AR, is a technology that’s been used in the gaming and entertainment world for years - think of games like Pokemon Go where designers merge the gamer’s physical world with computer-generated graphics, resulting in truly immersive gameplay experiences.

Through EDlumina Immersive, the same technology can be applied to education and is becoming more and more common, coinciding with the increased use of online learning, and because learners often demonstrate improved knowledge retention when AR is incorporated. From any perspective or focus in education, Augmented Reality could be the perfect compliment to your curriculum.

How to use AR as an interactive part of your curriculum.

Hyperlinks and QR codes can be embedded into different sections of any given curriculum which gives students options on how to use interactive pieces. Students can either click the hyperlink to interact with a 3D model directly in their web browser or they can scan the QR code with their mobile device to load the 3D model into their web browser. The 3D model can also be placed into the students physical environment to accurately portray the size and features of the object. Imagine students being able to disassemble and reassemble a computer within a 3D model. Or to be able to learn a skilled trade from a virtual environment, rather than traveling across the country for an in-person tutorial.

What topics can be covered by EDlumina Immersive?

Virtually any curriculum can use EDlumina Immersives AR technology. The only limits are our own imaginations. Whether it be science, history, skilled trades or anything in between. The AR technology can be used in any aspect of education to engage students and further their understanding of any given subject. One of our favorite aspects of AR in education is speaking to educators about the potential applications, as new ideas are being thought up all the time. Get in touch if you think your existing curriculum could be enhanced by the use of AR, or just if you’re looking for ideas.

Augmented reality incorporated into education has been shown to increase student engagement, knowledge retention, and completion rates. The EDlumina Immersive technology makes learning more fun and engaging for the students. Your interactive content will be readily available to students because it uses the technology that is already available within their hands. The sky's the limit when it comes to AR in education. Interested in learning more about how EDlumina Immersive can help integrate Augmented Reality into your school? If so, contact the EDlumina Immersive team today.