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Grow Your Online Business

Grow Your Online Business - A Case Study

In order to offset an industry-wide decrease in new student enrollments, many colleges and schools are looking for new ways to increase and maintain tuition dollars and revenue. One popular and effective option is to sell short courses online in an asynchronous delivery method-- this allows potential students to purchase courses and complete them on their own schedule, while typically requiring limited staff support from the institution. In this article, we are going to look at one example of how this works for an IT certification provider using the EDlumina platform of educational software solutions.

Of course, Cyanna is very familiar with how the EDlumina line of software solutions can benefit schools and organizations who are transitioning to an online model. But for individuals less familiar with what EDlumina can do, tangible examples of its potential are helpful in displaying its capabilities and value. One EDlumina client, GetITCred, recently launched getitcred.com to be used as a vehicle for providing Information Technology certification training to individuals interested in careers in IT, or in strengthening their technical know-how in general. All of the GetITCred courses can be purchased, accessed and completed online, making the site launch a perfect example of how EDlumina Catalog and Admissions can be leveraged. Here’s how they did it:

Catalog: By utilizing EDlumina Catalog, GetITCred has opened up an online revenue stream. Prospective students have the opportunity to create a student account, search, review and purchase available courses and get started all on their own time and all within getitcred.com. Catalog allows GetITCred to leverage an entire ecommerce education solution, and works seamlessly with their existing website.

Admissions: GetITCred uses EDlumina Admissions to manage the new student sign-up process, including lead tracking & automated engagement, course enrollment, and digital storage of students’ progress within their certification courses. After initial set-up and implementation, the software tracks critical student enrollment information and manages the entire process. Payments and course registrations are conveniently and 100% digitally organized so that GetITCred isn’t overwhelmed with keeping track of student data.

Cyanna is excited to see how our software solutions will continue to be used to build and offer innovative, affordable and convenient online education experiences. Get in touch if you think your school or organization could benefit from making your course offerings accessible online.

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