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Top 5 Benefits To Virtual/Online Education

Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” - Donna J. Abernathy.

Online education is here to stay-- but how did we get here and what are the benefits to a well-run online education program?

Work anywhere at your own pace. Asynchronous online learning can provide flexibility and resources for students to work on their education whenever it best fits their schedule. Online learning is available around the clock-- all you typically need is a laptop, tablet or smart device, and access to the internet. This allows students to work anywhere in the world, any time of the day.

Enjoy a wider variety of courses. The traditional education system has limitations, including instructor availability and confinement to physical spaces. As such, the number of traditional course offerings at a school or university can be limited. With online education, students have thousands of courses to choose from when it comes to furthering their education. While providing a variety of choices, distance learning can also provide a wider range of educational resources around the globe (discussed below).

Advance faster. We’ve already mentioned how online curriculum is often provided in an asynchronous environment, which enables students to work at their own pace. This can lead to students having the option to finish earlier than scheduled, if they can dedicate a large block of time to complete their classes fast. Additionally, many online education options can be started at any time and are not limited by traditional quarterly or semester enrollment dates or academic calendars. Students can have the option to enroll and complete as many classes as they can, as quickly as they can

Access to more resources. Educational resources are unique to each online program, but students aren’t limited to just their textbook or what is defined as reference materials – the entire web can be their library. Additionally, academic media and technology help create a more immersive learning experience with higher knowledge retention rates via XR technology, video production, and interactive assessments and activities.

Online admissions can create a smooth transition to online courses. Whether you are transitioning from on-campus learning to online learning or just starting out, the application and enrollment process online can be a smooth and easy process. Generally, it is more inclusive and does not require as many barriers to entry. An online admissions process is traditionally faster than in-person campus visits and meetings, and can lead to a faster start to online education.

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