Meet our Leadership Team

Cyanna’s organization is built on experience.

Beyond the unique nature of services we offer in the education sector, our background, experiences, and relationships set us apart from other firms.

We have been involved in the education process on both sides. We know what it is like to be in your shoes. And we understand that during the process, all of the other day-to-day work does not simply disappear.

Chris Eckels

Founder President, CEO

Allison Jenkins

Chief Operations Officer

Mark Sullivan


Jen Lamkin

Vice President of Licensing & Accreditation

David Grimes

Director of Academics

Anna Crews Hawk

Vice President of Technology & Client Success

Scott Shelton

Education Media Manager

Samantha Bauer

Account Executive

Cyanna's Founders

Cyanna® Education Services was founded in 2008 by Chris Eckels and Tim Laseke. While working at a large network of private postsecondary schools, they realized that if compliance requirements could be managed with a technology solution, it would be a win for both schools and regulators. This idea–combining compliance and technology–became the seed for Cyanna®. And while we still stay true to our compliance roots, we have grown to encompass curriculum development and licensing, software solutions for schools, organizations, and regulators, and operations consulting. We help schools achieve their goals, no matter big or small, K-12 or higher education, online or on the ground.