What makes a brand great?

What makes a brand great?

Brand means a lot of things to a lot of people, but when we talk about brand, we mean the representation of everything you stand for and the promise you make to your audience. A brand is made up of things you can see, like a logo and a website, and things you can’t, like the actions of your staff and faculty, how people feel when they visit your school, and the pride that students have when they graduate.

Each excellent brand has a different mix of elements that make it noteworthy (being unique is a key element of great brands, after all). But we also believe great brands share some common truths:

Brand is top down.
It’s the big picture view of who you are and what you do. A strong brand communicates immediately what your school is all about.

Brand is real.
It represents what you actually stand for. We want things to look nice and sound good, but when your audience peels back those shiny layers, there shouldn’t be any surprises.

Brand is consistent.
If you’re executing your brand correctly, you may feel like you’re saying the same thing again and again. That’s ok. You are. It’s how people get to know you.

Brand evolves.
Schools grow and change over time. Your brand wouldn’t be authentic if it didn’t do the same.

Old Spice evolved in a big way, rejuvenating their image and attracting a younger and more passionate audience.oldspice

Brand stands out.
It differentiates you from your competition. You may share some qualities with other institutions, but overall your brand should feel like you – and only you.

Brand shows.
It does more than tell. Great brands demonstrate values in action, they don’t just tell you what they are.

Brand feels.
Our hearts influence our decisions more than we know, and way more than we want to admit. The best brands use emotion to motivate us to action.

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