Updating your brand:
where do you start?

Updating your brand: where do you start?

Maybe you think your marketing could be doing more for you. Perhaps the communications you’re using now are dated. Or maybe you wish more people knew about all the great things you’re doing at your school.

Whatever the reason, you know your brand needs an update (or a makeover). It’s a big job. Here’s how we’d suggest you get started.

Start with your underlying elements.
What are you saying? What makes you different? Who are you telling? Having those things in place before you start creating actual communications keeps things consistent and on point. This is your roadmap. Keep referring to it until you have the terrain memorized.

Evaluate how it looks and how it sounds.
Collect all your brochures and posters and booklets. Hit print on a few of your digital items too, like some social posts and a couple pages from your website. Lay it all out together and get a big picture view. It should be consistent and feel like it’s all part of the same system. It should be unique (and set you apart from similar schools). And we know it’s subjective, but it should look and sound really good. This is the representation of your school! Make sure you’re dressed up to go out.

If either of the above two elements aren’t working, it should be the first thing you address. Don’t create new materials until you have a foundation to base them on.

Now that you’ve looked at things from the top down, take a look at bottom up.

Start with your marketing goals. Have you really defined what you expect your marketing to do? Generate more leads? Create interest from the community? Engage employers? All that?

Take a look at your goals, and match up your current tactics / activities with them. Which ones are working? Which ones could be better? Which ones can you ditch? Figure out where you need to add and improve, prioritize, and go from there. Tackle items one at a time.

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