Three take-aways from the DEAC conference

We had the chance to spend some time with our friends at the DEAC conference last week in San Antonio. Here are three of the big things we heard:

Technology is changing. Are you?
New tech is appearing every day. Even if you don’t immerse yourself in new technology, your students will. So instead of wondering why we need a holographic phone or a smart shirt, think about how you can use them to engage your students and improve program success – especially in distance learning.

There’s a new administration (obviously).
What will the changes in leadership mean for Higher Education? There is so much up in the air that impacts schools, from key personnel roles in the department, to Gainful Employment, to when the HEA might be reauthorized. Uncertainty can make it challenging for schools to strategize and plan for the future. However, no matter what the future holds, remaining compliant, being ethical and transparent to students, and focusing on results is always a safe bet.

Alternative credentials are here to stay.
Students are participating in everything from MOOCs to boot camps, and earning non-credit bearing badges and even nano-degrees. Should these alternative credentials be recognized for degree seekers? Several institutions are already doing it. And though the process of evaluating these credentials isn’t easy, the benefit to students is certain. Will more institutions start evaluating alternative credentials for credit? What will the success rate of degree completion for these students be? This topic is definitely one to watch.

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