Support Services

It takes expertise to run a school — and manpower is at a premium.

Schools are made up of many different departments, all of which must work together to accomplish the mission of the institution. In most schools, faculty & staff are already wearing many different hats and need additional support to accomplish the initiatives that will take their school to the next level. Cyanna has a team of higher education experts ready to support your school with curriculum design, training & professional development, software, advice on student financing, day-to-day operations and best practices.


Cyanna creates what happens in the classroom.

What you teach — and how you teach it — is arguably the most important feature of your school. Your students need training that is meaningful, effective, and high-quality while stakeholders, regulators and accreditors require proof you are meeting those standards of excellence. At Cyanna we create instructional materials and carefully consider how students learn best to put students, teachers, and the school in a position for success.

No matter what program of study, we support your curriculum needs.

Cyanna can build curriculum from scratch or help refine your current courses to make sure you’re delivering relevant coursework in a variety of methods. Our instructional designers create courses of study for both in-person and online training in secondary, postsecondary, and professional development sectors. Our reverse engineering process makes it easy for us to translate a set of credentials into a course, certificate, or degree program. We can define vocational competencies needed in a specific career, map those to learning objectives, and build curriculum accordingly.

You can also license our ready-to-go certification trainings for our platform or yours, our faculty or yours, and tailor them to your brand and your students.


Best practices aren’t built overnight — they require experience.

Marketing, Admissions, Academic Affairs, Compliance and Career Services: the performance of every department determines whether your school can serve its mission, its students, and its stakeholders. One weak department can have negative outcomes for the bottom line, and often it takes an outside perspective to identify the challenges and produce solutions. Best practices in education aren’t built overnight-- they require years of experience from people who have lived and breathed day-to-day operations on campus.

Proven experience & proven results.

Cyanna’s team of consultants includes Campus Presidents, Academic Deans, Directors of Admissions, Department Chairs, Education Directors, Faculty and more. We’ve been in your shoes and know how to drive better operations for better results.

Software & Technology

Reach more students. Work more efficiently. Deliver content clearly.

Now more than ever it is critical to have the right software solution in place to manage your school, your students, your classes, and all your critical data. Your software should be user-friendly, save time, help you stay compliant, and give you a competitive advantage in your market. That’s why we built EDlumina.

EDlumina is built for schools of all sizes.

Built specifically for schools, EDlumina is web-based software that tracks students from lead to alumni through a single comprehensive system. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, and can integrate directly with your lead vendors. EDlumina creates a strong foundation that enables you to easily and effectively manage your student lifecycle data, from the admissions & enrollment process, to tracking alumni success. EDlumina’s cloud-based software can manage your school data and automate the workplace so your staff can focus on providing great customer service to your students.

Looking for EDvera?

EDvera is a web-based regulatory business workflow system tailored to state and accrediting agencies, so you can submit, retrieve, process, and analyze required compliance data — even on a mobile device. Click here to visit

Student Financing

Tuition is the bottom line.

Federal student loans, grants, scholarships, workforce dollars and private lenders all help provide the funding needed for students to achieve their goals in higher education. Cyanna can help ensure that your school is positioned to take advantage of all of these financing opportunities through strategic program & curriculum design, licensure and accreditation.

We also have a network of financial institutions that offer student lending options, Title IV processing, and other critical functions to help your Student Financing department operate in compliance while achieving their financial goals.

Training & Professional Development

You educate your students — are you educating your staff?

Professional development is critical. Research shows that quality teaching and school leadership are the most important factors in improving student achievement and institutional outcomes. Teachers and school leaders that continually expand their knowledge and skills offer the best opportunities for students to succeed.

Training through online classes, onsite workshops, and webinars.

Cyanna creates continuing education and training programs that can be offered on campus, online, or both, in a hybrid delivery method. We offer our clients an online learning portal where you can enroll, track progress, and earn certificates of completion to document your professional development training. We have hundreds of courses for faculty, staff and administrators, available in a variety of functional areas that qualify as continuing education credits and professional certification. Visit for more information.

Cyana has lead trainings and guest speaker events across the nation: