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Make your work easier
than ever before.

EDvera is a web-based business workflow system tailored to agencies. It enables you to submit, retrieve, process, and analyze data and documents from institutions.

Why EDvera?

EDvera eases the burden

Ease the burden for institutions.

EDvera allows institutions to submit all required documentation electronically.
EDvera workflow

Managing documents is simple.

EDvera instantly streamlines team workflow, and manages thousands of documents and processes in a single, robust system.
EDvera no software required

No software required.

EDvera operates across all devices using a browser. There’s no need to download an app. And because it’s accessible from mobile devices, it can assist officials on site visits.
EDvera internal notifications

No more external emails
and phone numbers needed.

With EDvera’s internal notification center, you can communicate with colleagues and clients directly in the system.
EDvera safe and secure

It’s safe and secure.

EDvera uses Amazon AWS security features so you never have to worry about the confidentiality of documents.
EDvera designed by industry experts

EDvera was designed by industry experts, specifically for agencies.

It’s superior platform software built by educators, for educators.
It has dramatically reduced our workload and completely cut out the awkwardness of paper processes. We are now paperless. We love it, and best of all, the institutions love it.
Director, Private Postsecondary Education
Kansas Board of Regents

How can EDvera help you?

  • EDvera archives all documents and communications on unbreachable AWS servers, ensuring you never lose a single file or notification.
  • EDvera eliminates the need for paper, printers, scanners, and fax machines.
  • EDvera’s at-a-glance dashboard keeps your work upfront and organized every day, so you can do your job.
  • Achieve complete transparency with institutions about where you are in your process with them.
  • Automatically track changes to documentation at every step in the process.

With EDvera, you can

  • Quickly and easily track institution applications and workflow.
  • Communicate with institutions and colleagues directly within the system.
  • Accept payments with EDvera’s e-commerce capability.
  • Build custom reports, including a comprehensive institution index.
  • Keep relevant tasks and issues up front with our at-a-glance dashboard.
  • Get real time data updates.
  • Automate sending reminder letters, application updates, and other regular communications.
  • Add calculations directly into the applications.
  • Automate authorization or accreditation certificates.
  • Set unique user roles to control user access and assign permissions.
  • Access a real-time institution directory.
  • Access EDvera from any browser, anywhere.

What do clients like
about EDvera?

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It’s Simple

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Robust reporting

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Allows institutions to file electronically, directly with your agency

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Workflow diagrams
visually map out every
document transition

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EDvera is hosted on
Amazon Web Services.

That means it’s

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Automatically backed up

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