Professional Development and Training

Online and on-ground training

Professional development plays a critical role in the ongoing growth of staff, faculty, and administrators. We can help provide online and on-ground continuing education opportunities to help strengthen your admissions, academic, and career placement life.


Working directly with subject matter experts and intertwining important topics in today’s educational environment, we provide professional development opportunities that make sense for your organization. These trainings can service as the building blocks for institutional, teacher, and student success.

Professional development opportunities include:

Online courses on our online learning portal
Live and recorded webinars
On-ground presentations at your campus
Providing speakers at conferences


Working closely with our educational partners, subject matter experts, and people like you, we create opportunities for teachers to learn about teaching, students, themselves, and to learn about learning. And we recognize that educators are one part of the recruit, train, and place initiatives you have at your campus, so we also include options to promote growth in admission representatives, career placement officials, and administrators.

Professional Development Ideas:

Pedagogical Strategies
Managerial and Leadership Actions
Career Preparation and Placement Guidance
Recruitment and Enrollment Approaches


Professional development plays a crucial role in the ongoing growth of your employees, so we want to motivate them, challenge them, and give them opportunities to take what they learn and apply it.

Trainings can include:

Subject-matter Experts with Career College and Educational Experience
Video-based Presentations for Online Courses
Learning and/or Collaboration Activities for Engagement
Certificate of Completion or Participation for Documentation Purposes

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