We can help any private post secondary institution deliver education at every stage of its lifecycle.

Here are some of the ways that translates to the work we do every day:

  • Helping a new school get licensed.
  • Setting up guidelines for new school operations that meet government regulations.
  • Working with an established international business university to get US accreditation.
  • Providing ready-to-go courses for over 1,250 schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Creating and delivering classes for state agencies to meet continuing education requirements.
  • Achieving a philanthropist’s vision of creating the world’s first online, tuition free master’s degree program.

Our Founders

Chris Eckels
Founder – President \ CEO

Tim Laseke
Founding Partner

Cyanna® Education Services was founded in 2008 by Chris Eckels and Tim Laseke. While working at a large network of private postsecondary schools, they realized that if compliance requirements could be managed with a technology solution, it would be a win for both schools and regulators. This idea–combining compliance and technology–became the seed for Cyanna®. And while we still stay true to our compliance roots, we have grown to encompass curriculum development and licensing, software solutions for schools, organizations, and regulators, and operations consulting. We help schools achieve their goals, no matter big or small, K-12 or higher education, online or on the ground.

Let us show you what Cyanna® can do for you.