A quick look back

2016 was… unique, right? The election had emotions pretty high. We lost some beloved celebs. In our industry, we saw another couple major institutions go out of business, and hundreds more left scrambling for a new accreditor when the Department of Education stripped ACICS of its federal recognition.

Despite all that, we at Cyanna still found four big reasons to love the year that was:

1. WQU completed its first full year of operations, and gave students around the world an unprecedented opportunity to further their educations.
If you aren’t familiar with WorldQuant University, it’s an institution that offers a tuition-free, online Master’s degree in Financial Engineering. They make high-quality education accessible to students worldwide, so students can advance their career in a cutting-edge field without the burden of tuition costs.

We’ve been working with WQU since its inception, supporting a range of activities including licensing, operations, curriculum, and admissions. In 2016, its first full year of operations, the university grew to 250 students from over 35 countries. It was also named Start-up of the Year by Education Dive.

2. Despite an uncertain climate, schools remained undaunted.
We’ve helped over twenty institutions through the licensing and/or accreditation process this year. We’re taking that as a very positive sign. Even though sometimes the cards seem stacked against opening a school, our clients and other institutions are out there proving that wrong — and educating students along the way.

3. We launched our first custom learning portal (and geared up for quite a few more).
In partnership with the Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools and the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools, our online courses make it possible for Ohio institutions to take required and elective continuing ed classes. All classes are easily accessible at ohiocareercolleges.org. And Ohio’s just the start. We’re developing several more courses, and talking with other state and national organizations to bring custom portals to their members as well. Interested in talking about a portal for your site? Let us know.

4. Other random stuff we had a ball doing included designing and developing IHCU.com and thecollective.edu, designing a new logo for COMTA, and sharing our know-how at conferences for NASASPS, ACCSC, and CNYCSC.


Here’s to peace, love, community, and education in 2017!

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