5 easy ways to pump up your internet marketing right now

You should be doing more digital marketing.


Of course. Everyone should. If only it were that easy. But digital marketing can be confusing and costly, and though it can totally be worth it, sometimes you just need a couple cheap tactics to get you started.

Here are five quick and easy things you can implement this week:

1. Make your call to action clear.
Take a look at your website with fresh eyes. How easy is it to find Apply now, Contact us today, or other actionable button? If you don’t see it right away, fix that. It doesn’t have to be an in-your-face pop up, but do place it on every page in an obvious spot. The header and footer are both perfect locations. You’re on social, right? Those icons (and corresponding links) should be right there as well.

2. Involve everyone in marketing.
Your students and faculty have awesome stories to tell, so ask them to share. They make perfect content for social feeds and blog posts. It could be as simple as a candid shot of a student with their answer to a question like “why did you choose this school?” “how has coming here changed you?” “what are your teachers doing that you love?” “what’s your favorite class and why?” Or, go deeper: do student and faculty profiles and interviews, tell alumni stories, ask teachers to write why they teach. If you could just get one blurb from half your school population, think of how much great content that would be.

3. Focus
Know what makes you different and choose a message to focus on. Beat that drum relentlessly. You’ll definitely get sick of hearing it, and you’ll start to go nuts thinking of new ways to put it out there (you’ll get through it). Remember that no one is reading your content as much as you are. We guarantee the good folks at Nike get a little tired of hearing JUST DO IT all the time. But consistency equals memorability.

On a tactical note, this goes for hashtags too. Pick a general one and use it on everything. #YourSchoolName or #YourTagline or #SchoolNameProud will work just fine. Don’t waste effort coming up with a new hashtag for every event you put on, unless you already have tons of social media engagement.

4. Create repeatable, templated material
To make things efficient when creating social content, pick a format you can use over and over again. Some ideas:

  • The student + answer mentioned in item 2 above

  • A real student in action in a hands-on setting and quote about what they’re doing

  • A real teacher on the job + a quote

  • Free stock image + cool stat about your school

Pro tip: Try Canva to create templated social posts. It’s an easy-to-use online design program that comes with many free templates (and hundreds more for a dollar or two each). The basic plan is free. You can upgrade for a fee, but you should be able to kick out plenty of social media designs with the basic plan. Just to show you how easy it is, a non-designer member of our staff created the above with Canva.

5. Regram, retweet, share
Probably the easiest and most authentic way to get material for social is to follow your students, faculty, and staff, and reuse their relevant content. Did a student take an awesome shot of campus? Regram that. Did a recent alum tweet about how stoked they were to graduate? Retweet it. Did a teacher post something cool she did in class? Share it.

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